Jiuque Fenghua

She didn't expect the end to be like this. She clearly has done the ultimate, grasp the seven inches of these two people, calculate that they should be able to let her survive because of scruples about each other, why the last two instead discussed to kill her, but also a knife, a knife, too much! Well, since we can't escape, we can die together. She looked at Yu Wenchu with a fierce look in her eyes. "Wait a minute, Your Highness," Mingzhu said hurriedly. "This woman is insidious and vicious. Perhaps she has hidden some shameful and vicious means. It's better for you not to get too close to her. Let's find another safe way." "You are right." Yu Wenchu put down the knife and pulled Mingzhu back out of the room. He raised his hand and said in a low voice, "My sleeve arrow was made again by half scissors later. It is said that it is very powerful. I just want to try it today." He raised his arm at Jiang Shanshan and whispered, "I'll also let you try my sleeve arrow with a fireball." Jiang Shanshan was shocked: "You..." The voice did not fall, the machine has sounded, two small arrows to her chest gallop away, but in the blink of an eye, to her eyes, she first felt a cold pain, then heard a familiar crisp sound,faux grass wall, smell a familiar smell of gunpowder smoke, and then the eyes of a blood-red, lost all consciousness. Pearl originally opened her eyes wide to watch Jiang Shanshan, a vicious woman who had harmed her all her life, go to her death, but at that critical moment, her eyes were blindfolded by Yu Wenchu. She heard a familiar crack,silk cherry blossom tree, a familiar smell of gunpowder, and then a louder explosion, and even felt a slight vibration under her feet. What's going on? She just asked, the person has been Yu Wenchu to pull back far away. Yu Wenchu loosened her hand and looked with a lingering fear at the ear room that had been blown down for the most part and whispered: "Thanks to you for reminding me, otherwise we would both be killed by her." Xia Xue and others ran over when they heard the noise. Seeing the scene and hearing about it, they were puzzled: "The maidservant clearly searched her inside and outside. Where did she hide it?" No one will ever be able to answer this question. And since Jiang Shanshan can escape Xia Xue's search, it means that the size of this thing hidden on her body must be very small, such a small thing can blow up half of the room, that is really very powerful. Yu Wenchu knew that the old craftsmen and half-scissors he had found would probably never be able to reach the level of Jiang Shanshan, but what did it matter? Jiang Shanshan is dead, Yu Wencong and Yu Wenyou obviously did not get this technology, everyone is at the same starting point, what is he afraid of? Besides, decorative palm trees ,faux ficus tree, he has a pearl. He looked at Mingzhu and whispered, "Come on, I'll take you back." Chapter 652 strong confidence. "What happened?" Min Taifei and Funing stood far away and did not dare to come over. Mingzhu wanted to tell them honestly that Jiang Shanshan was dead, but Yu Wenchu had already taken the lead and shouted to the mother and daughter, "Go back. It's no big deal. It's something wrong with my new firearm." Min Taifei was afraid to say, "Didn't a thief break in?" "No." Yu Wenchu was very sure. He pulled Mingzhu over and explained patiently, "I sent a lot of people to watch here. Nothing can break in. You can live in peace." Look to Fu Ning again: "Are you all right?" Funing's face was black, blue and swollen. She could see that she had suffered a lot before. When Yuwen asked her, she burst into tears: "They beat me!"! He said he would marry me to a beggar! Yu Wenchu patted her on the shoulder: "You come back, they are all dead, no one can bully you anymore." Funing looked at Mingzhu and seemed to blame her for not trying to save her before. But when he saw the bruises on Mingzhu's neck and thought of what Min Taifei had said to her, he stopped talking and asked, "Are you all right, sister-in-law?"? I heard that Fu Xiang's condition was not good. My mother and I wanted to see him, but we didn't dare to go to Changxin Palace. ” Fu Ning's attitude has changed, Yu Wenchu of course can see, immediately very gratified: "You have this heart is very good, now everywhere is still in a mess, you and your mother and concubine stay here honestly, I send your sister-in-law back first.". You all go and rest for a while. Then he saluted Min Taifei and left with the pearl. Funing gazed at the back of the two of them and whispered, "My brother is so partial.". When I came back, he didn't come to see me, but ran after the sixth sister-in-law. Mother, did he do this to you? Min Taifei frowned. "He knew you were good, so he didn't come to see you. What's so strange about that?". There are so many things in your sixth sister-in-law's family. What if he cares more about her? Your sixth sister-in-law did her best in your case this time. If she hadn't arranged for someone to ask you for help, she wouldn't have fallen into the trap and been kidnapped. If you say such a thing again, you will make your brother hate you again. Funing pursed his lips and said, "I just said that. I won't say it later." In a twinkling of an eye, however, her eyes were red again. She looked at Min Taifei with tears in her eyes and said, "My mother is partial. I've been living in the palace for this year, and you only love the sixth sister-in-law but not me." "Nonsense.". Go to sleep. Min Taifei has a sense of powerlessness, of course, his children are the most distressed, how others can not cross the past, Funing will have this idea is really no way. Yu Wenchu is right, she did spoil Funing before, leading to Funing now even if a lot of convergence is still hard to change nature. Funing looked up at the sky for a moment and suddenly said with a smile, "Mother, if Brother Six really did that, would you be able to be the queen mother?"? Can I walk sideways in this palace? Min toffee saw her talking about this, the mood is also very good: "Yes, but now what is not sure,fake blossom tree, you do not talk nonsense, be careful to be heard to laugh at us, give you six elder brother trouble." 。 hacartificialtree.com